Apple filed an official comment on the FCC’s ongoing ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’ proceedings in favour of net neutrality. It took a while, and Apple only issued its comment next to the deadline (August 30, 2017), but it’s been worth it.

There are two important ideas on Apple’s comments:

  • Opposition to ‘Paid fast lanes: “Broadband providers should not create paid fast lanes on the internet. Lifting the current ban on paid prioritization arrangements could allow broadband providers to favor the transmission of one provider’s content or services (or the broadband provider’s own online content or services) over other online content, fundamentally altering the internet as we know it today—to the detriment of consumers, competition, and innovation (…) Worst of all, it could allow a broadband provider, not the consumer, to pick internet winners and losers, based on a broadband provider’s priorities rather than the quality of the service.  – No much more to add, right?
  • Advocacy for transparency: If there is traffic management of any type, it must be disclosed. Why? Because it is needed, so the consumers can make an informed choice.

Overall, great news, and the official comment (4 pages) is pretty informative. That said, as Wired pointed out, behind this movement there might be something more than altruism. Particularly, in a future in which Apple is getting more traction on creating its own content…

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